Annuals at Southview Greenhouse Growers

Annuals provide a burst of blooms and stunning foliage to garden beds, patio containers and hanging baskets. These superstars of the garden provide a new plant palette each growing season.

Largest Selection of Annuals in Sudbury

At Southview, we grow the largest selection of eye-catching annuals in the Sudbury region. Come Spring, we have over 40,000 square feet of greenhouse space, brimming with the most impressive and vast selection of top-quality annual plants. We grow the hottest Proven Winners varieties, classic top-performers, and some of the most unique and colourful varieties you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you are new to gardening or a life-long expert, our selection can keep you blooming all season long.

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Locally Grown Annuals

Because we grow our annuals locally, they are never stressed from shipping and are always provided with expert care until they are sold directly to the community. We also know what grows best in the region!

One of our top crops is the stunning tuberous begonia. Multiple greenhouses are brimming with various strong-performing varieties in a selection of vivid, seductive colours. For these garden show stoppers, our customers return year after year.

Why Choose our Annuals?

  • Southview Greenhouse Growers has the largest selection of locally grown annuals in the Sudbury region.
  • Experience the colour with a walk through one of our 12 greenhouses.
  • Annuals provide outstanding colour in your gardens or planters all season long.
  • The plants we grow are cared for by our qualified staff.
  • We strive to carry the newest varieties of annuals on the market.
  • Our selection of trendy succulents is a must-see.
  • Vast selection of annual bedding plants that are still a popular and economical choice.
  • We offer a full line of vegetables and herb plants.
  • We grow the largest variety of begonias in Sudbury – Non-stop tuberous, Solenia, Dragon Wing, Reiger, and Pegasus – which have become one of our most popular and versatile crops.
  • Our jumbo geraniums continue to be popular and we have them in any colour imaginable.
  • We grow a huge selection of Proven Winner’s varieties. Rated to be some of the top performing annuals on the market.
  • Foliage plants are gaining in popularity. We have a colourful selection of coleus, ornamental grasses, potato vine any many other varieties to choose from.

Visiting our greenhouses is an experience in itself.  Come, be inspired


Proven Winners® Annuals—Instant WOW! power for landscaping and containers

Annuals are the flower power behind every gorgeous garden, hanging basket and patio pot.   They are showy, easy-to-grow favorites of both new and experienced gardeners.  And when you choose Proven Winners® annuals, you can count on having big beautiful blooms all season long with minimal care.

Choose from hundreds of Proven Winners® annuals specifically developed for their summer garden performance and these characteristics:

  • Easy care
  • All-season bloomers
  • Covered in bright colorful blooms
  • Disease free
  • Trialed and tested for proven performance

Keep in mind not all flowering plants are annuals, some are perennials.  The difference is annuals are one-season plants that die when it gets cold.  You replant them every year.  Perennials appear to die when the temperatures drop, but their roots are actually hibernating and will produce new plants in the spring. With annuals you start with a new plant palette every growing season.



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