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Fall Mums & Bulbs

We grow a huge selection of fall mums. From small pots to large, we have a colourful selection of fresh looking mums from September to October. Come visit us in the fall and see the difference between our mums and the box stores.

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Planting bulbs in the fall will be an extremely rewarding act come spring.  Starting in mid- September you can choose from the healthiest selection of premium bulbs for fall planting. Choose from a tantalizing selection of crocuses, daffodils, tulips, alliums, hyacinths, and more.  An array of vivid colours, shapes and sizes as well as bloom times, can create a stunning, floral show, after a long winter’s rest. Garlic bulbs are also available for planting in the fall.



Visiting our Greenhouses is an experience in itself. Come, be inspired!

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