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Garden Accessories and Statuary

Southview carries several accessories to assist your green thumb and compliment your garden.

Ornamental Lawn and Garden Statuary/Bird Baths

Traditional, whimsical or contemporary styles can create wonderful accents, focal points or final touches. We are a distributor for First Concrete Ltd. which is a small Ontario based company that specializes in quality ornamental garden concrete. Please note: Due to the retirement of the owner of First Concrete Ltd., we have a limited quantity going forward for 2018.


  • a large selection of ornamental pots (plastic and clay)
  • plant hanger, hooks, and brackets
  • stakes, plant supports and tomato cages
  • trellis and shepherd hooks
  • landscape fabric
  • frost blankets
  • lawn edging
  • gardening tools and gloves
  • watering cans

Visiting our greenhouses is an experience in itself.  Come, be inspired!   


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