Highlight on Begonias

Highlight on Begonias


If you’ve ever wondered what single genus of plant we carry the most of here at the greenhouse is, it’s unequivocally begonias. In fact, we carry a minimum of seven different types of begonias! But what are their uses? Where will they grow? If you’re new to gardening or just need a bit of a begonia-refresher, I’m here to clarify things.

Non-Stop vs. Solenia Begonias

These two confuse people often. At first (or second, or third) glance they look very much the same. But, plant a Non-Stop where a Solenia should be, and it’s sure to end in disappointment.  Non-Stop begonias are best for bringing bountiful colour to your shade beds, and Solenia are top performers for sun. To remember the difference, think of the French word for sun – soleil – solenia! To tell them apart, look at the foliage – Solenia’s leaves are rounder, and a deeper, glossier green than Non-Stop.


Best suited for: Full shade to part shade

Form: Mounding

Colours: Yellow, orange, red, white, pink


Best suited for: Full sun

Form: Mounding

Colours: Pinks, reds, orange, peach, yellow



A somewhat-new introduction at Southview, these beauties have smaller flowers, but are prolific bloomers and come in lovely colours. Also called Elatior begonias. Great for pots or in the garden.

Best suited for: Part sun to sun

Form: Mounding

Colours: Pinks, reds, orange, peach, yellow, white



Grown for its tropical, silvery-green foliage, making it a gorgeous, eye-catching choice for planters. Bonus: adaptable as a houseplant.

Best suited for: Part shade to shade, but will handle full sun with sufficient moisture

Form: Upright

Colours: Grown for its foliage

Dragon Wing

This prolific bloomer is by far the best begonia choice for hanging baskets and containers. Glossy green foliage mimics the shape of – yes, you guessed it – dragon wings, and clusters of bell-shaped blooms cover the plant. Adaptable to all light conditions, and heat and drought tolerant.

Best suited for: Sun to shade

Form: Mounded and slightly trailing

Colours: Red and pink



Very similar to Dragon Wing, but more upright in form. The rose-pink variety has bronze foliage, while the red has classic green leaves.

Best suited for: Sun to shade

Form: Upright

Colours: Red and pink



Another profuse blooming choice for hanging baskets, rail planters, and window boxes in a shadier location. Its foliage is narrower than its Non-Stop relative, with a branching, trailing habit.

Best suited for: Part sun

Form: Trailing

Colours: Red, orange, pink, yellow, white


Wax Begonias: Bada-Bing & Bada-Boom

These are your go-to for shade bedding plants. Beautiful en masse, as borders, and in containers. We carry Bada-Bing (green foliage) and Bada Boom (bronze foliage), which both have blooms in pink, red, and white.

Best suited for: Shade to part sun

Form: Mounded

Colours: Red, pink, white


Shade to Part Shade Shade to Sun Part Sun to Sun
Non-Stop Surefire Solenia
Wax Dragon Wing Rieger
Illumination Pegasus




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