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Seeds: Grass, Vegetable, Herb and Flower

Grass Seed (bulk)

We carry several grass seed mixes to accommodate an array of growing and environmental conditions. Our staff can suggest additional information to encourage proper establishment for a healthy and lush lawn.

White Clover Grass Seed (bulk)

We carry a low-growing variety of white clover that can keep your lawn greener longer, with minimal care. You can add it to existing or mix it with your new lawn at a 5-10% rate.


Benefits of Grass Seed:

  • Rapid spreader which chokes out broadleaf weeds while grows amicably with grass
  • Grows in poorly drained or shady areas where grass will not thrive
  • Delivers the essential nutrient nitrogen to the lawn
  • Extremely drought tolerant and keeps its green colour, reducing need to water lawn as often
  • Can be used on steep slopes and banks to control erosion

Southview Greenhouse Growers has an extensive selection of seed from Ontario Seed, Mckenzie Seed, and Zappa seeds. Whether you are starting your own flowers, vegetable or herbs we have all the popular varieties to choose from. We also have many organic and heirloom vegetable seeds.

Visiting our greenhouses is an experience in itself.  Come, be inspired!

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