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Soil and Mulch

The secret to a plant’s health and growth begins under the surface.  The roots are the lifeline. Roots take up water, air and nutrients from the soil, which travels up into the leaves, interacts with sunlight, and creates fuel for the plant.  So healthy soil, with adequate nutrients and moisture is key.



Soil – Before you start planting, make sure you start with quality soil. If you are creating a new garden bed, amending existing soil, planting a tree, or preparing a container garden, Southview has the best soil and soil amendments for you. Southview Greenhouse Growers carries the best:

  • top soil
  • triple mix (topsoil, peat, compost)
  • Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Potting mix –various types, including organic and moisture retaining, and a soilless mix
  • Black loam –Bulk (please phone if you require machine assistance to load)
  • Manure – Cow and Sheep
  • Compost Plus
  • Meeker’s Magic Mix Fish Compost

Mulch – Applying mulch to your garden is a great time-saving measure.  Mulching your soil creates healthier plants, suppresses weed growth, and creates drought-resistance soil. In our extreme climate, mulching can also provide winter protection to root systems, improving a plant’s survival rate. Mulch is esthetically pleasing and will give your garden a professional look. We maintain a full stock of soils and mulches from spring to late fall. Premium mulch available:

  • Coloured mulch –available in several colours
  • Natural Cedar and Canada Red mulch
  • Pine bark nuggets – mini and large
  • Cocoa shell mulch
  • Natural and coloured decorative stones
soil_southview_greenhouse_garden_center_sudbury soil_mulch_southview_greenhouse_garden_center_sudbury

It is worth noting, that our wood mulch is 100% premium virgin wood, a natural bi-product of the forestry industry.  Often, many wood mulches sold elsewhere, contain mystery recycled materials such wood pallets or possibly diseased or unattractive organic matter.

Visiting our greenhouses is an experience in itself.  Come, be inspired!   

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