Greenhouse Operations 

  • Q: What’s happening at the greenhouse this year?
    • A: We’re busy growing! We’re going ahead with growing our usual crops for you this season, including all of your favourite vegetables, herbs, and bedding plants. 
  • Q: Are you open? Can I come look around?
    • A: We are opening to the public Sunday, May 11th. Social distancing measures will be in place. We ask that one member per family do the shopping, as are limiting 4 people per greenhouse.
  • Are you going to have X/Y/Z plant?
    • A: We grow hundreds of varieties of plants, and we’re growing all of our regular stock this season. 
  • Q: Are trees, shrubs, and perennials in?
    • A: Yes. Trees, shrubs, and perennials start to arrive in early May, for in-person shopping at our location. 
  • Q: Can I reserve plants to be picked up later this season?
  • A: No, we won't be taking pre-orders. As plants are ready for sale, they'll be available to purchase at our greenhouse and on the website.

    Curbside Pickup

    • Q: When can I pick up my plants? 
      • A: Upon checkout, you’ll be able to choose your preferred pickup date and time. We need time to process your order, which is why same and next day pickups aren’t currently options. 
    • Q: How do I pick up my purchase? 
      • A: When you’ve arrived at our store, please call 522-GROW, and we’ll bring your plants out or direct you where to pick up. 
    • Q: Can I order bags of soil, mulch, etc.?
      • A: Yes! Though, to keep our employees and customers as safe as possible, we will no longer be loading soil, mulch, and stone into open vehicles. Upon arrival, one of our employees will direct you where to go, and we ask that you load the soil yourself. Exceptions may be made for flat-bed trucks and trunks that are completely closed off to the rest of the vehicle.
    • Q: Can I add to my order?
      • A: Not during pickup. You may call a day or two ahead to add to your order, but we can't accept additions on the spot. 

    Gift Certificates 

      • Q: I have a paper gift certificate from a previous year. Can I use it? 
        • A: We’d prefer that you hang on to your paper gift certificates to use next year to lessen contact with our staff, though, like cash, we will accept it. Keep in mind that our gift certificates never expire!

      Warranties, Returns, and Exchanges

      • Q: My shrub is under warranty but didn’t survive the winter.  Can I exchange it?
        • A: We will not be processing any returns or plant guarantee exchanges at this time. We will honour previous years' guarantees, though we will process them at a later date (TBA).