Beneficial Insects - Natural Insect Control for Thrips

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Thrips are tiny (usually 1-3mm), slender insects that are hard to spot. Damage is visible as silvery or translucent spots or streaks on foliage and flower petals. 

Ambelyseius swirskii are a very small, tan-coloured predatory mite that feeds on thrips, whiteflies, and spider mites. 


At first, every sachet contains approximately 250 A. swirskii in a carrier of bran and feeder mites. These feeder mites serve as an alternative prey. During 3-4 weeks, every breeding sachet produces a couple of thousands predatory mites. They can easily spread in the crop through a hole in the waterproof paper of the sachet, so there is no need to open the sachet. Hang sachets on plants at a rate of 1 sachet per 2 m. sq. (20 ft sq.). If necessary, repeat introduction every 4 weeks to maintain a continuous presence.