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Note: Due to COVID-related supply issues, we are not receiving Dutch Set Onions this year.

One of the easiest ways to start growing onions is by planting onion sets. Onion sets are small onion bulbs that have grown from seed for a full season, then dried and harvested before they can fully mature. When planted in the spring, onion sets can provide you with a headstart on growth and allow you to harvest earlier in the year than if you were planting seeds. 

Early Green Onions: Plant bulbs 2½ cm (1”) deep and 2½ cm (1”) apart, with the root end down. Allow 25 –30 cm (10 – 12”) between rows. Plant sets weekly for a continuous supply.

Cooking Onions: Plant bulbs 2½ cm (1”) deep and 8 – 10 cm (3 – 4”) apart. Allow 25 – 30 cm (10 –12”) between rows. 

Onion Sets are sold by the pound. See Photo 2 for a representation of half a pound; Photo 3 for a full pound. For large amounts, please call us at 705-522-GROW.