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From its large assortment of trees and shrubs to its diversified and very unique bedding plant selection, Southview Greenhouse offers one of the largest selections of greenhouse and garden products in Northern Ontario. With a dedicated staff, Southview Greenhouse continues to offer the utmost service to all of its customers.



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Seeds: Grass, Vegetable, Herb and Flower

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Choosing the Perfect Hydrangea

Choosing the Perfect Hydrangea

Oh, hydrangeas! What gives a more fantastic show from summer to fall (and truly, into winter!) than these gorgeous, hardy shrubs? Here’s a quick list of the types we carry and the advantages of certain types over others. Paniculata types Hydrangea paniculata have, as the name suggests, panicle-shaped flowers. This is the type we have by far the largest selection of. They’re good and hardy, meaning you rarely have to worry about any winter kill, and the larger varieties can be grown as a multi-stemmed shrub or specimen. They also make excellent cut flowers, fresh or dried. We can have around 15 different varieties in the busiest parts of the season, but here are a few of our favourites: Bobo – A new selection at Southview in 2017! ‘Bobo’ is a dwarf hydrangea, reaching only about 3’ tall, with creamy white flowers (turning pink in late summer to fall) that completely cover the plant. Vanilla Strawberry – Huge flowers open white, then turn bright pink, and finally to strawberry-red as the season progresses. Looks absolutely stunning with multiple blooms in different stages of colour. We carry this in a grafted tree form as well. Limelight – Something a little different – flowers open up in a limey-chartreuse colour and stay lime-green all summer, aging into pinky-red later on. Arborescens types Classic, easy, reliable, long-blooming and hardy, these hydrangeas have large, round flower heads with rich green, heart-shaped foliage. The ones that stand out for us are: Annabelle – A classic, and popular for a reason. Huge, creamy-white flowers make this hydrangea a must for any garden.  Invincibelle Wee White... read more
Favourite Perennials for Shade

Favourite Perennials for Shade

People can be discouraged from the task of gardening in the shade, but I’m here to persuade you otherwise. Yes, you can have colour in the shade, and yes, flowers too. HOSTAS How many times have I heard “Ugh, I guess I’ll throw some hostas in there.” Please. First of all, yes, you can put hostas in there, but don’t you dare discount them. The amount of variety we have with hostas these days is a beautiful gift. From the 4-inch miniatures like ‘Mouse Ears’, all the way to the 4-FOOT ‘Empress Wu’, there’s a hosta literally guaranteed to fit your space. And colour? Come on. There’s green, gold, lime, white and cream, slate blue, and all of the shades in between, in all the combinations you could want. Not to mention leaf shape, plant form, flower colour and fragrance, soil tolerance… it’s a done deal. Hostas are the Shade Queens. Embrace it. HEUCHERA Oh yes, Coral Bells. What gives you more of a rainbow of colour for partial shade than the varieties of coral bells? Shades of purple (some almost black), reds, oranges, bright yellow, bronze, lime, greens with deeply-coloured veins… there’s such a gorgeous selection available you’re bound to find one to suit your shady needs. In addition to the foliage colours, small flowers, often in coral, cream, or white, arrive in June. These guys are also pretty versatile too – many will grow happily in sunnier areas as well as shade. BRUNNERA Siberian Bugloss is really not the prettiest name for these beauties, but don’t let that fool you. Large, heart-shaped silver leaves with dark green... read more