Pot Take-Back Program

We're happy to announce that starting in 2022, we'll be taking our nursery pots (from our annual plants) back for re-use. Please read carefully for what we will and won't be accepting:

We do take back:
- single pots from annual plants purchased from us this season. We encourage you to bring them back as soon as you've planted your plants so they can be sanitized for reuse as soon as possible. 
- all trays from purchases at Southview 

We do not accept the following:
- pots from other garden centres
- anything broken or extremely dirty
- 4- and 6-pack inserts 
- pots from perennials, houseplants and shrubs
- hanging baskets and planters
- tags 

To drop off pots, please see a staff member. We reserve the right to refuse any pots we deem unusable.  Absolutely no dropping pots at the gate when we're closed. 

We encourage you to bring your own carrying tray from home, like a reused cardboard box, grocery bin, or recycled tray from previous years!