Pot Take-Back Program

To lessen the amount of single-use plastic we generate, in 2022 we started to accept pots and trays back to reuse for future crops. We’re happy to report that that first year was such a success that we’ll be continuing to take back pots and trays, as well as hanging baskets and planters.

Please read carefully below for what we do and do not accept. Remember: items must be in reusable condition. 

We take back:
- single pots from annual plants purchased from us this season. *See sizes below.
- 11" & 12" hanging baskets
- 16" black planters  
- trays
- non-branded shrub pots (2 gallon and larger)
Important: We encourage you to bring pots back as soon as you've planted your plants so they can be sanitized for reuse as soon as possible. 
*Annual pot sizes:
-3.25" & 4.5" square pots in various colours
- Round Proven Winner pots (4.5", 1 gallon) 

We do not accept the following:
- pots from other garden centres
- anything broken or extremely dirty
- 4- and 6-pack inserts 
- pots from perennials, houseplants and shrubs
- tags 


To drop off pots, please see a staff member. We reserve the right to refuse any pots we deem unusable.  Absolutely no dropping pots at the gate when we're closed. 

We encourage you to bring your own carrying tray from home, like a reused cardboard box, grocery bin, or recycled tray from previous years!